Classic Snake Game

Eat the dots and grow - but don't run into yourself

Easy Controls

  • Cursor keys or W-A-S-D (both sets always active)
  • Directional (up-down-left-right) or Steering (left-right) Settings->Control Type
  • Space Bar to Pause

Many Boards to Play on

  • Open, Walled, Broken Walls, Swirly, Maze & more

Set Your Pace

  • Choose from one of 5 speeds
  • Super Slow to Impossibly Fast

Beat your High Score

  • High Scores for each speed and board
  • To clear high scores: Settings> Reset High Scores

Go Full Screen

  • Or drag the window to any size you like

Keyboard ShortCuts

  • B: Change Background color
  • K: Change skin
  • P: Play - start new game
  • X: Toggle Sound
  • M: Menu
  • Spacebar: Pause