Conway's Game of Life

Cellular Automaton Simulation

    What is it

  • Conway's game of life is a simulation created by John Conway in 1970
  • Its basic premise is that extremely simple rules, when applied to a random situation, can lead to symmetry and beauty
  • The Universe

  • Life is played on a board much like a chess board
  • When the game starts, the board has dead and alive cells chosen at random
  • At each turn, the cells either live or die based on some pretty simple rules
  • The Rules

  • Birth: A dead cell with exactly 3 live neighbours becomes alive
  • Survival: A live cell with 2 or 3 live neighbours stays alive
  • Loneliness: A cell dies if it has zero or 1 neighbour
  • Over-crowing: A cell dies if it has more than 3 neighbours
  • What to look for

  • As the sim progresses, you will notice patterns emerging out of the random chaos
  • Just these simple rules will lead to very interesting and complex patterns
  • Look for static patterns, repeating patterns, and patterns which 'walk' from one place to another
  • To learn more

  • Wikipedia
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Spacebar: Pause
  • Cursor up / Down: Speed
  • R: Random
  • C: Clear